Ground Floor

On the ground floor the children range between approximately 6 months to 30 months of age with a maximum of 21 children with a staff ratio of 1:3. The ground floor is comprised of two areas, the Jelly Babies and the Jelly Beans with continuous access to a designated play area outdoors. All children throughout the nursery will have a dedicated “key” member of staff in each area that they start/move to.

Jelly Babies

Babies from 6 months of age, or sometimes younger, start nursery life in the Jelly Babies area where they stay until they start walking and/or are developmentally ready to cope with the transition into the next room. This usually takes place at around 11 to 15 months of age.

The Jelly Babies spend a lot of time with the Jelly Beans throughout the day, which supports early relationships and encourages learning at your child’s own pace. Our dedicated and committed staff are aware of each child’s individual needs and capabilities and carefully plan the activities each day to cover all aspects of the “EARLY YEARS FOUNDATION STAGE”

Within the nursery there is plenty of space for physical development using a vast range of resources with the age and capabilities of the children in mind. Of course we also create our own activities using paints, sticky stuff, water, jelly etc to encourage tactile play. This is a great moment to tell you not to bring children in their best clothes!!! There is also a separate dedicated sleep room for those babies who need to be away from the activities going on around them in order to get a rest.

We believe that the key person for the child develops a comfortable and genuine bond to promote a settled close relationship. Happy and secure children are confident to explore, play and learn when they feel safe in their environment.

Breast Feeding

We are a breast feeding friendly nursery and encourage and support mothers returning to work and still wishing to breast feed. The staff are trained in the storage and use of breast milk and welcome you if you wish to visit and feed during the day.

Jelly Beans

The Jelly Beans area is for children of approximately 12-30 months of age and is equipped with resources and space appropriate to this age group. Once again the children have continuous access to outdoor play. The staff team are aware of each child’s individual needs and capabilities and carefully plan activities to be varied, fun and to cover all aspects of the” EARLY YEARS FOUNDATION STAGE”.

Involvement with yourself and your child’s “key” worker enables us to make decisions regarding your child’s progress throughout their nursery life. This is so important as all children are individuals and learn new skills at a different pace and more importantly, they learn through play and having fun and not through instruction.

Generally, in the Jelly Beans area the children only tend to have one sleep per day, usually after their lunch. We accommodate this by sectioning off an area of the ground floor. The children sleep on soft mats with their own bedding which we provide.

At Claremont, we firmly believe that children learn through an abundance of play and discovery which in turn promotes independence and confidence which equips each child for the next step on the road of development.

First Floor

Upstairs the children range between 24 months and 5 years of age. Children up to the age of 3 have a staff ratio of 1:4, and from 3 years and over the ratio is 1:8. The upstairs area comprises a large play room which is made up of two areas; the Jelly Tots and the Smarties. There is also the Sunshine room and all our children are able to access this with their key person and are encouraged to take part in more focused activity sessions in preparation for transition into school.

The whole area is bright, airy and spacious. The children also have supervised continuous provision to the large outdoor play area.

Jelly Tots

Aged between 24 months and 36 months the children are very inquisitive and eager to participate in new and exciting activities. Our aim is to ensure that every day is fun packed whilst promoting learning through play. Each child is treated as an individual and is encouraged to take part in all activities no matter what their capabilities may be. Once again, your child’s key worker will monitor progress and achievements through skilled planning and observations which we can then relay to you.

Apart from learning about colours ,numbers, shapes and other topics . We also encourage children to learn sharing and other social skills, right from wrong, and of course, potty training.

Potty Training

We know that children may be ready to use a potty from a variety of ages but will encourage and work with you and your child as soon as you feel your child is ready. Being nappy free is such a liberating experience for you and your child!


We pride ourselves on ensuring that when our preschool children leave nursery to start school, they do so with confidence, independence and pride in their abilities. We provide a huge variety of learning opportunities and strive for your child to have appropriate skills, including recognising and writing their own name, observational skills, an interest in books and reading, pencil control, understanding numbers and many more.

The children follow topics throughout the year in line with the EARLY YEARS FOUNDATION STAGE curriculum. Working alongside the latter, our staff carefully observe and assess your child’s progress and development ensuring they reach their full potential.


Claremont Neighbourhood Nursery has two play areas specifically designed for the enjoyment of outdoor play. We were fortunate enough to receive funding in 2010 to enable this. We feel that the outdoor environment provides opportunities for children to do things on a different scale than when indoors. We are also therefore able to plan outdoor activities around the EARLY YEARS FOUNDATION STAGE.

Outdoor play provides them with a chance to explore with less restriction and more opportunities for risk taking. It also offers them first hand experiences of the four seasons and weather conditions There is equipment and resources suitable for children of all ages including wet weather suits.

Our ethos is “There is no such thing as unsuitable weather, only unsuitable clothing”. We are also situated close to two local parks which we access as often as possible.

SORRY, WE ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSED. Due to the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have taken the decision to temporarily close our nursery. Stay connected with us on Facebook and we very much look forward to welcoming the children back as soon as possible.