"I am very pleased with how Lily is developing. She loves going to nursery and seems happy with her friends, aunties and uncle. The pictures see to capture the moments that we would miss with being at work. I love reading her file and finding out about things she is doing. Thank you."

"The staff know my son very well (the fish settle him) his routine, new words thing’s he’s learned etc. This makes it very easy for me to feel confident in leaving him. Thank you your hard work is appreciated."

"Thank you for all your help and support with Christopher. I never thought I would feel comfortable in leaving Christopher with anybody due to his special needs and due to previous experiences in other nurseries. All the staff were more knowledgeable which eased my worries. I would highly recommend your nursery to any parent. All your input has been gratefully appreciated."

"You have shared some of the most precious moments of Ethan and Landon growing up with us... crawling, walking, talking, potty training! You’ve all played such an important and key role in their development helping them grow into wonderful little boys. We cannot thank you enough for ensuring they have been taught their first valuable key skills which will certainly help them going forward to ‘big school’"

"I'm so pleased I chose Claremont neighbourhood nursery for my son to attend. I was very picky on what nursery to send my son as he has cerebral palsy, but since the start whilst he was on visits I knew it was the right choice. They weaned him in perfectly, and adapted to his needs. He has been there almost 2 years and i have noticed changes ever since he started. He has become more talkative, confident, and sociable towards other people and children. As well as developing his knowledge & understanding! His nursery years could not of gone better. Will be sorry to see him leave! X"

"We would highly recommend Claremont Nursery to families. All of our children attended Claremont Nursery, our eldest started when it first opened and we went on to have three more children, so were definitely qualified to comment!!

It played a vital role in our home life, the staff were really supportive and helped us to achieve a good work and home life balance. We were fully updated with the kids progress and achievements and everything was captured in a folder, which is lovely to look back on, especially the pics:)

The nursery day at Claremont was well structured and organised and the kids were busy bees playing and learning while having fun. Nursery life really helped the kiddies prepare for starting school, they all settled in straight away. We felt very secure going to work knowing that they were well looked after and more importantly the children loved going, they never had any stresses over attending.

All our children are at school now but we have very fond memories of our time with Claremont Nursery and the lovely staff, who we've stayed in regular touch with. We couldn't recommend anywhere better, Claremont was fantastic for our family."